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Undergraduate Program:

Honours Bachelor of Arts (4-year) in Gerontology:

This degree program brings a multidisciplinary approach to the study of aging. It is designed to foster an understanding of aging issues within and across different contexts: cultural, economic, health care, physiological, psychological, and social. Issues ranging from the individual experience of the aging process to the societal complexities of an aging population are examined both within the Canadian context and more broadly. Students explore aging issues within a diversity of theoretical and methodological approaches. 

Honours Bachelor of Arts (4-year) in Health Studies

This degree program focuses on the significance of health and illness in cultural context. The perspectives of the social sciences and humanities are brought to bear on exploring the diverse meanings and practices associated with health and health care. Attention is given to different theoretical approaches to understanding the health of individuals, groups and communities in contemporary and historical perspectives. Students will learn a range of methodologies associated with these approaches.

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Graduate Program:

The Department of Health, Aging and Society offers the following graduate programs, which take a critical social science perspective and an interdisciplinary approach to the study of health and/or aging

Master of Arts (MA) in Health & Aging

This MA degree allows students to advance their education and training in social scientific research practices. The program emphasizes the importance of formulating and conveying a critical analysis of contemporary issues and challenges with regard to health and/or aging. Students are encouraged to develop an independent program of research in health studies, aging studies or at the intersection of the two areas of study. 


PhD in Health Studies and PhD in Social Gerontology

The PhD programs in Health Studies and Social Gerontology will apply an interdisciplinary, comparative, and critical lens to analysing and understanding health and aging as both social and cultural processes, constructs, and outcomes. It is the combination of these three perspectives, the ways that they interact with and build on one another, and a focus on both the social structural and cultural dimensions of health and aging that makes the programs distinctive in their respective areas. The PhD programs in Health Studies and Social Gerontology differ from many doctoral programs in these areas in that they allow students to develop and pursue broader research interests that may be outside the typical focus on public health, demography and service management.

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Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Undergraduate Career Paths of Health, Aging & Society

Whether exploring the possibility of graduate studies and/or contemplating entering the workforce, our department recognizes the importance and value in students connecting with alumni.

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Graduate Alumni:

Alumni with a Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Health & Aging.

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Alumni Update Form:

The Department of Health, Aging & Society would like to encourage alumni from the Gerontology, Health Studies, and Health & Aging programs to take a few minutes and complete the Alumni Update Form below. We are eager to hear about your post-degree projects and activities. The information you provide will be published on the Department web site to assist prospective and current Health & Aging students decide on potential careers. 

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